10 mL media
2.5 ul Mitotracker (found in -20 freezer, top shelf, long white box; KEEP IN DARK)
        -Make sure it is completely thawed before using
-Add 93 ul dMSO (on dry Chemical Shelf in dark bottle) if the Mitotracker isn’t purple

1.  Mix media and Mitotracker really well
2.  Aspirate off old media from 96- well plate
3.  Add 100 ul of Mitotracker Media toe ach well
4.  Incubate for 15 minutes in the dark
5.  After incubation:
a.  Aspirate old media
b.  Wash each well with 100ul PBS
i.  Place PBS on the side of the well and expel gently so as to not blow the cells off the plate
c.  Aspirate off PBS
d.  Add 100ul new PBS to each well
e.  Use the Plate Reader for Mitotracker to read
  i.  Ensure the bulb is warmed up
ii.  Click on Re-read
iii.  Save and Export results to Excel
iv.  Title with Date, Initial and Mitotracker