Resistance to Apoptosis

Concentrations of the Apoptotic Compounds:

Camptothecin – 2.01uM (2.77uL drug/17mL media)
Thapsigargin – 0.31uM (3.47uL drug/17mL media)
Etoposide – 9.14uM (1uL drug/10mL media)


  1. Plate cells at 2*10^5 in 12 well plates

  2. Incubate 12-24 hours

  3. Expose to viral media for a period of 4 hours

  4. Aspirate viral media and replace with regular media.

  5. Incubate for 48-52 hours

  6. Expose to the apoptotic compounds at the concentrations listed above

  7. Incubate for approximately 18 hours

  8. Count and harvest cells for RNA